A New Direction For WTR….

What if “Waiting to Rise” is more than worrying about bread dough or cinnamon rolls or biscuits?  Waiting to be the best chef I can be?

See, I started this primarily to be a food blog…a place where I wanted to do nothing but create recipes and take pictures and talk of nothing but food.

But, what if it means something more?  Like waiting to realize I’m worth it….I’m okay as I am….that I am a child of God?

What if it means stretching further than I’ve ever stretched before?  To leave the caged thoughts of my own mind and just live…in His presence…in His glory?

What if I can pass that on to other people to encourage…to inspire….to provoke thought?

What if…I am waiting to rise…not the food or my ability to manipulate it into something edible…but to rise into my role, my CHOSEN role, as a child of God, one of his beloved daughters?

I’ve undergone a lot of changes…some sweeping…some, not so much.  I’ve lost friends…I’ve grieved….I’ve dealt with anger, frustration, confusion, and negative thoughts.  Somewhere in there I realized I’ve lost myself…and truth be told, I’m not sure who that actually was.  Myself.  Who am I?  It seems to be such a simple question…but for me, it holds so much power.

So, this blog is going to take another direction now, while still putting some of our favorite recipes out here in cyberspace.

I will be sharing with you some of my journal entries, my personal thoughts and questions, as I travel through this journey to a healed heart and being one of God’s girls.  I am scared.  I have never taken a risk like this, sharing my personal thoughts outside of my boyfriend, counselor, and close friends.

I am shaking, but I haven’t actually felt this alive in a while.  In fact, I’ve felt quite numb inside, not feeling anything at all.  But, the feeling I have to speak is too strong to stifle.  I have a story to tell and I want to get it out there…to help someone, anyone…even just 1 person.  You are not alone.  You matter.  You are chosen.

You ready?  Cuz I am…lets go!


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2 thoughts on “A New Direction For WTR….

  1. So proud of you friend!! God is throwing a party to celebrate your faithfulness! Can’t wait to see how He works in all of this 🙂

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