A Prayer for those hurting…..

On Saturday, I was with a girlfriend (Hey there Alison!) shopping.  All was going splendidly until we heard shouts coming from the checkout area. It was a man screaming at his girlfriend/wife/date/friend (not sure which it was)…in front of her two young children. He was saying horrible things to her about her and her ability as a mother. Screaming at the top of his lungs. I dont know what was more appalling…him screaming or the way she handled it. She was calmly taking it. Head down, voice calm. She was the picture of “handling it” (as good as anyone can in that situation). But inside, I know she was screaming, crying, and dying inside.  All at once.

Before you think how do I know how she feels…let me assure you I do. I know that stance…that type of “composure” really well. Too well. Words for me are the worst. Often times, they hurt worse than physical bruises or scratches. They plague you daily and constantly scroll through your mind.  Reminding you of your inabilities.  How you don’t measure up and telling you how you never will.  This incident brought me back to those times where I’ve been that woman, standing there, hearing the assault.

I’ve heard these words.  I’ve heard things like stupid. Dumb. Embarassment. Disappointment. Angst ridden. Emotional. Melodramatic. Uptight. Failure.  And then the dizzying amount of combinations in between.

These things take years to undo. I don’t know how long she has dealt with such a verbal tirade, but these things just don’t go away. They don’t get better. He won’t get better.  It gets worse. It breaks you down until you are a shell of who you were.

Until you reach out for a hand that can show you the way. The truth. The life. How to heal. How to love. How to have faith. And more importantly, how to trust. For a long time I didn’t believe there was a person like that. But friends, there is. And I’m just getting to know Him too. I invited Jesus into my heart August 30th, 2010 and I’m just now believing in his abilities to save. I fought Him for so long.  Not wanting to trust that people are good. He is good. He cares. Like He cares for that woman. Like He cares for me.  And you.

I pray for her to find a way to know Him and get out. She deserves more. I deserved more.  No one deserves to be treated like that.  Not now, not ever.

John 14:6; (AMP)

Jesus said to him, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me.


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2 thoughts on “A Prayer for those hurting…..

  1. Oh Brooke… My heart breaks– both for that woman and for you… I applaud you for being vulnerable and sharing your story. You bring a message of hope and strength to all! Blessings sweet friend!

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