Five Minute Friday: Dance

Hey ya’ll!  Happy Friday!  Hope the week treated you well…and that you are looking forward to our upcoming holiday.

So, Five Minute Friday, a writing exercise created by Lisa-Jo Baker, is something I started last week.  I really enjoyed it.  So, here goes this week’s prompt.  The idea:  5 minutes.  Free write.  Don’t stop.  Then, post.  Share your heart.  Share your mind.  Just share.

This week’s prompt is:  DANCE.


So, isn’t it funny how we all do it.  “How are you?”  “Fine, how are you?”.  Then, we move on about our day.  Never really stopping to truly ask (or do we truly care) how the other person really is.  I mean, really is.

Its a dance that we have all done since we were young.  “Never air your dirty laundry” folks would say (or at least the older people in my family).  We dance around the hurt, the pain, to only show other people a “better side” of ourselves.  The ones we slap makeup on, new clothes, and promenade down the street, as if we don’t have a care in the world.

And my question is, is that all there is?  I mean, when did we stop caring about others?  When did we stop the connection?  We live in such a busy place that I myself am caught in this dance.  I am caught up in the portrayal of someone who “has it all together” when it feels like my life is falling apart.

And so, when someone asks me, I now ask, “Do you really want to know?”.  Most people usually stop.  They look at me, almost like my dog looks at me when she’s confused (head turned to the side, as if looking sideways at something will actually make that something more clear and easier to understand).  And most don’t know what to say.

If I asked you would you really want to know…what would you say?  Would you do the same dance with me…waltzing around the hard stuff.

Or, would you stop, and truly ask.  Only then will we be able to start a beautiful dance that becomes a two step through this thing we call life.


That’s it.  Have a great weekend folks!  See you next week!


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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Dance

  1. This is so true. I think it’s so hard to connect with others when we’re not honest…when we dance around the truth:) Thanks for sharing these really great points!

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